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"We protect against insider threats"

Companies wanting to secure their data, network processes and internal information flow, must make sure to implement adequate measures to protect themselves against insider and outsider threats. CSM is an innovative company offering a powerful, intelligent and high-performing solution enabling public and private organisations to monitor the effectiveness and the implementation of practices and measures taken in the framework of their Information Security Management System. Information security is no longer restricted to the implementation of a set of technical measures in order to maintain the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information.

  • What if an organisation would be enabled to perform automated individual controls of their staff and business associates or partners who have received access rights to internal data and information?
  • What if an organisation integrates HR- data, legal information and open source information to prevent and assess insider threats?
  • What if an organisation could make use of situational and behavioural profiles in order to act proactively and prevent insider breaches?
  • What if you can protect the company crown jewels by using RAM?

CSM has a module called RAM (Risk Analysing Module) that allows performing integrated analysis of an organisation’s internal information systems, which is able to identify, assess and prevent insider threats and breaches. The module uses situational profiles (e.g. risk proximity, social proximity, work proximity…) in combination with individual objective data aiming to identify patterns of attitudes, behaviours and objective working and social interactions that are consistent with pre-established risks of potential breaches of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. RAM is a powerful hardware and software tool offering the possibility to control and assess the implementation of an organisation’s, whether private or public, internal Information Security Practices. On a consulting basis, CSM offers the possibility to crosscheck RAM- data with open source information.

Where IT- security stops, the Cyber Security Mentalist begins…